Sue Scheff: National Family Internet Safety Advocate

kids and pcSue Scheff is widely sought after as the go-to person for advice on cyber issues since she has re-built her online persona after being the victim of brutal cyber attacks.

“. . . though it was only one person that was ultimately brought to court, the lynch-mob mentality of people online to join in cruel behavior is enough to kill someone emotionally.” – Sue Scheff

In 2006 she won a landmark case in Florida for invasion of privacy and Internet defamation, which resulted in a jury of her peers awarding her $11.3M in damages. This speaks volumes as many others in our country struggle with online slander and defamation, and they feel unable to fight back since they are led to believe that free speech condones this type of behavior.

After being vindicated through this victory, Sue Scheff soon realized that although she was able to say she won in a court of law and proved the ugly online statements were false, one thing was true—the Internet never forgets and there is no rewind online.

Fortunately, this happened around the same time that (formerly ReputationDefender) first came into existence, and soon after the site’s launch Sue Scheff was introduced to their founder, Michael Fertik.

It was a life-changing time in her career and personal life.

“I have always said that it was my attorney David Pollack that was able to vindicate me, however without Michael Fertik and the team at ReputationDefender, the Internet would have been forever unforgiving.” – Sue Scheff

Soon she was receiving many emails from around the world sent by victims of cyber-harassment. Professionals that were slimed online, people that weren’t able to get a job, mother’s that were being cyberbullied by other parents online, and worse.

Scheff soon realized that her story was not an isolated event and many other victims of cyberbullying from all around the world were silently suffering from this fear of lethal keystrokes and continued attacks by cyberbullies.

Her journey to clear her name and create a new, positive online image is told in her second book, Google Bomb, with the help of the late, John W. Dozier Jr. This book is a must read for everyone that is concerned about their online image or is struggling with online bullies and Internet trolls.

mionitor-child-online-behaviorAs both a Parent Advocate and Cyber Advocate, Sue Scheff has the unique ability to speak to issues that surround parents and teens both online and off as well as the business or career person that is struggling to build a positive online reputation. She is concerned with the troubling topic of cyberbullying and cyber-stalking. As both a victim and survivor of these types of attacks, her experiences of nearly losing her career due to lethal keystrokes and her personal struggles with having Internet trolls attack her maliciously, is something that sadly many people are facing today.

What separates Sue Scheff from the many other experts and advocates? She is a survivor of online attacks, and her firsthand experiences provide her with a depth of knowledge that few other experts have. She is not only willing to share her story, she is dedicated to making a difference in others’ lives.

“. . . many people can read text books and study research, but I firmly believe until you walk in my shoes and feel the pain a parent feels—or a victim of cyber-harassment or cyber-stalking feels, you can’t understand the same experiences we do . . . Learn from my mistakes, gain from my knowledge.” – Sue Scheff

As a contributor to many major publishing outlets, her articles and views are well-read and respected by thousands of people throughout the world.